For the one who wishes to make a change


Below are 3 simple beginning steps a person can take when deciding to change ones life

1. Firstly, is the qadha (fulfilment) of Salaat and Fasts which were omitted. The qadha should be executed by performing along with each daily Salaat a Qadha Salaat of the same time, e.g. along with the Ada (that days Salaat) Maghrib Salaat, a Qadha Maghrib Salaat should be made. During Isha, the Witr omitted should also be made. In making the qadha only the Fardh and Witr are made. It is however preferable to perform a number of qadha Salaat collectively at one time or in a single day, e.g. the Qadha Salaat of several times or of several days. In this way quicker discharge of the obligation takes place.

2. Discharging any monetary obligations of others if one is liable for such obligations. Such discharge is either by making the due payment or by obtaining the pardon of the one whose right is involved.

3. Fully guarding the eyes, ears and the tongue; total abstention from haraam and mushtabah (doubtful) wealth; appearance, dress to be in conformity with the Sunnat; total abstention from innovation and un-Islamic customs and practices on occasions of happiness and sorrow; to refrain from unlawful methods in all affairs; to constantly bear in mind not to harm anyone by means of one’s hand or tongue; not to hurt anyone; refraining from association; meeting according to need; and abstaining from unnecessary conversation.

Taken from Shariat and Tasawwuf by Hadhrat Maseehul Ummat Rahmatullah Alaih

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