Received from a friend –

1) My dear contacts, jst a brotherly reminder once again cos sumtyms we slip up.

D use of smileys r prohibited in islam.

Its lyk drawing animated pics whether its d hand covern d face or wateva its not jst eyes but d facial feature of d face.

2) Ders a hadith sometn 2 dis effect dat all d ones who mk d murat (facial features) wl b ordered 2 put life into d murat.

3) Tkin pictures of humankind n animals fall into d same category.
Takin d picture is d sin n not acceptable even if we delete aftrwards.

4) Bcareful cos this is the deception of shaytaan let’s not fall prey 2 it. It was d 1 method he used to successfully lead mankind astray.

5) It is difficult n has bcom d norm but dnt let our taqwa waver n let’s consciously remind ourselves tym n again of d above.

6) We love our children let’s not destroy der innocent lives by displayn dem on our dp.

7) Jazakallah! 4 tkn d tym 2 read dis msg.

May Allah guide us all n keep us on siraate mustaqeem


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