Blessings in the food of Abu Bakr RadhiyAllahu anhu

In a lenghty incident narrated by Hadrath Abdurahman bin Abubakr RadhiyAllahu anhu who says:

My father invited certain guests for a meal and partook of the meals himself too. During the course of the meal it was witnessed by all those present that as each morsel of food was eaten, the food instead of decreasing was increasing.

Turning to his wife ( who hailed from bani faraas tribe) he asked ” what is this, o sister of bani faraas?” She replied ” o the comfort of my eyes this food has increased three times its original amount. They ate from this food and presented some to Rasulullah SallAllahu alaihi wasallam who also partook therefrom.


Lesson – When our the level of our Imaan reaches unbelievable heights, then in EVERY aspect of life, we are blessed.

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