Barakah- how it comes, how it goes…

In Shaikh Zulfiqaar’s live bayaan
from UK yesterday (19th.Sept,2011) , he gave tips on how to attain barakah in our lives.

A student from Jamiah summarized it :

1. Adopt taqwah,  stay away from sins.

2. Do alot of dhikr of Allah because Allahs zhaat is full of dhikr.

3. Whenever u start something say bismillah, whatever it may be because in a hadith Allah says my name is full of barkah whichver action is done with my name I fill with barkah.

4. Making dua, ask everyone to make dua for u. He said – become such people that u dont have to ask for dua but people just give u hearfelt duas.

5.Khidmah of parents.

6.Tilaawat of quraan.

7. Hajj and umrah.

Then he said what decreases barkah.

1.Bad niyyah, bad thoughts about people..if u have negative thoughts u will never have barkah.

2.Disobeying Allah, more we sin less barkah.


3. If a women doesn’t observe full hijaab she’ll never have barkah in her married life and her husband wil not truly be happy with her.

Just thought I’d share that..


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